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Mobile phone internet usage is climbing faster than all expectations - Chances are high that your current website is not compatible with mobile phone!

Mobile Website Design

page-iphone-mini-150x135There are several schools of thought when it comes to mobile PHONE website design as to whether the main “desktop” website should be mobile optimized or indeed a standalone mobile website.



There are good arguments for both and they really depend on the design and platform of the existing website.



It is indeed a major task to make an existing desktop website into a mobile friendly one and the decision should not be taken lightly.



Images and content will need major reworking along with the structure of the website and possibly any associated themes.




On the other hand it is relatively straightforward to create a shiny new mobile website that repurposes content from the original website in such a manner as to be useful and purposeful to the mobile visitor whilst offering the business owner a more practical pricing alternative.




Typical standalone mobile phone website SPECIAL price of £89 whereas a full blown “responsive” rebuild can range anywhere between £59 – £250 and take couple weeks to implement.



We can get you up and running with a new standalone mobile phone website within the week, subject to workload, and landing pages will take just a couple of day or so.




Your requirements will vary subject to your business model and what you actually want to achieve from your mobile phone website.



Once we’ve had a chance to discuss your requirements we’ll be able to provide you with a SPECIAL price of £89, along with any “mobile” oriented suggestions.




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